HV transformer failure

industrial fire

Lost productivity, traffic chaos, fire, injury to property and persons – these are some of the possible consequences of high voltage (HV) transformer failure. HV transformer failure can have far-reaching consequences and asset owners are morally and legally obliged to take measures to prevent it and to minimise its affects.

No matter how sound they were at the time of installation, electrical systems will change and deteriorate over time. That’s why it’s imperative that asset owners have strategies in place to ensure systems continue to operate safely and efficiently.

Intelligent Maintenance
You can approach transformer maintenance in a number of ways. You can schedule time-based replacement of active parts – such as windings – or you can implement condition-based maintenance. Experienced electrical consultants draw on their knowledge and actual observations to implement condition-based maintenance programs.

Maintenance budgets, like all budgets, are tight and condition-based maintenance enables asset owners to make informed decisions to prioritise expenditure on replacement and refurbishment of systems and parts.

Testing and Diagnostics
There are many state-of-the-art tools available for checking mechanical, thermal and electrical conditions. In the hands of experienced technicians, these tools can help diagnose problems that can be rectified to extend the life of electrical assets.

Don’t Jeopardise Your Reputation
Outages can affect revenue and incur penalties, and they can have devastating reputational effects. Ageing assets are more likely to fail than newer well-maintained systems. Rather than hope the worst will not happen, asset owners should discuss a system maintenance plan with a qualified provider.

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