How We Work

At Sustainable Energy Design we take pride in delivering solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. To ensure we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and their operating environments we conduct solid preliminary briefings and continue to work closely with clients throughout the delivery phase.

Sustainable Energy Design is a resourceful and innovative company. We apply creative thinking to deliver energy efficient solutions for our clients.

We have experienced personnel in the field and in the office. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable Engineers, talented designers and experienced field staff all backed by friendly administration.

The entire team is committed to providing quality service to SED clients and to maintaining productive working relationships with clients, suppliers and internal staff.

Sustainable Energy Design has well-developed policies, processes and systems for ensuring all projects are delivered to a high quality standard, and in a safe and efficient manner.

All equipment and consumables meet the relevant Australian standards.

Operating Principles
While the company is not formally accredited, SED operates according to the principles of ISO 9001 2008 and ISO 14001.

Risk Management
SED has a risk management policy and undertakes risk management reviews on all major projects.

Work Health Safety
SED staff are proactive in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment and has in place comprehensive WHS policies and procedures.

SED has a process for post-implementation follow-up to verify that any proposed energy savings are realised.

Pricing principles
We have a transparent pricing system. For an agreed budget we will undertake an energy audit based on the client-agreed scope. For system design, installation and commissioning we will provide a detailed quote including labour costs and materials.

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