Johnathan Davis established Sustainable Energy Design Pty Ltd in Orange, NSW, in 2000. With a solid background in electrical engineering, Johnathan formed the company to deliver specialist electrical design services to clients throughout regional NSW west of the Blue Mountains.

 Sustainable Energy Design Head Office

The company’s Orange premises houses administration, technical design facilities, and a warehouse and workshop for equipment storage and maintenance. SED is focused on providing affordable, reliable power solutions for clients across a range of sectors and industries.


The SED team has a full complement of skills and experience to meet our clients’ needs including:

  • Knowledgeable sales representatives
  • Professional administration staff
  • Highly skilled designers
  • Qualified field staff
  • Reliable sub-contractors

Some of the Qualifications & Experience held by our staff include:

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.
  • Certificate in Electrical Engineering.
  • Associate Diploma in Engineering – GIS.
  • Electrical Fitter & Craftsmans Certificate.
  • Radio Trades Certificate.
  • Diploma in Business Management.
  • Electrician – Unrestricted licence.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Training.
  • High Voltage Switching up to 330kV.

Our staff hold qualifications and degrees from:

University of Wollongong

University of New South Wales

Mahatma Gandhi University Kerala


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